I assent


President of Barbados 14th March, 2024.


An Act to amend the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Act, Cap. 54 to abolish the post of Executive Chairman, re-establish the post of Chief Executive Officer and to provide for related matters.

[Commencement: 15th March, 2024] ENACTED by the Parliament of Barbados as follows:

Short title


Act, 2024.

This Act may be cited as the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Amendment)

Amendment of section 7 of Cap. 54

2.                        Section 7 of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Act, in this Act referred

to as the principal Act, is amended by deleting subsection (1) and substituting the following:


The  Board  may  delegate  such  of  its  functions  as  it  thinks

expedient for the purpose of effectively transacting the business of the Board to the Chairman, to any committee appointed or established by the Board or to any of its employees.”.

Amendment of section 9 of Cap. 54




Section 9 of the principal Act is amended by: deleting subsections (2), (3), (4) and (5); and

inserting the following subsections immediately after subsection (1):


The Board shall appoint as employees a Chief Executive Officer,

Chief Operations Officer and the following executive directors:

  • Executive Director of Human Resources;
    • Executive Director of Medical Services;
    • Executive Director of Nursing Services;
    • Executive Director of Support Services;
    • Executive Director of Financial Services;
    • Executive Director of Engineering Services; and
  • Executive Director of Clinical and Diagnostic Services.
  • The Chief Executive Officer shall
    • be subject to the directions of the Board and perform all duties as assigned by the Board;
    • be responsible to the Board for the execution of its policy and the management of its affairs;
    • report directly to the Board;
    • have responsibility for the overall management of the Hospital including:
      • managing the day-to-day operations of the Hospital;
      • devising and implementing policies designed to ensure that strategic goals are achieved;
      • ensuring the efficient delivery of timely, responsive, patient-centred health care;
      • implementing strict adherence to principles of good governance;
      • overseeing financial and budgetary operations;
      • developing and implementing innovative methods to generate revenue;
      • ensuring the objectives of the Hospital are met through the selection, development, organization, motivation, management, evaluation and promotion of human resources, training and organizational development;
      • ensuring the acquisition of appropriate equipment and technologies;
      • maintaining the Hospital’s infrastructure, equipment and technologies;
  • fostering a culture of medical research; and
    • setting targets and monitoring of implementation.
  • The Chief Operations Officer shall
    • report to the Chief Executive Officer on the operational management of the Hospital; and
    • have responsibility for the operational management of the Hospital including
      • maintaining external accreditations;
      • ensuring the effective planning and implementation of capital works projects;
      • ensuring   there   is    a    current   plan    for disaster management; and
      • maintaining an effective information technology and cyber security infrastructure.
  • The Executive Directors referred to in subsection (2) shall
    • report to the Chief Operations Officer; and
    • provide support to the Chief Operations Officer in their respective technical areas.
  • All persons employed by the Board shall act under the general

superintendence and direction of the Board in the performance of their duties.”.

Repeal of section 9A of Cap. 54

4.                        Section 9A of the principal Act is repealed.

Repeal of section 9B of Cap. 54

  • Section 9B of the principal Act is repealed.

Amendment of the First Schedule to Cap. 54







The First Schedule to the principal Act is amended in paragraph (1)

deleting the words, “Subject to sub-paragraph (3), members” and substituting the word “Members” in sub-paragraph (2);

deleting sub-paragraph (3);

inserting the word “and” immediately following the words “nominee of that officer;” in paragraph (b) of sub-paragraph (4);

deleting paragraphs (c) and (d) of sub-paragraph (4) and substituting the following:

“(c) persons who possess the qualifications set out in section 5(3) in relation to the following disciplines:

  • accounting;
    • engineering;
    • finance;
    • human resource management and industrial relations;
    • information technology;
    • law;
    • management operations;
    • medicine;
    • nursing; and
    • paramedical services.”; and

(e)   deleting sub-paragraph (5) and substituting the following:


The  Minister  shall  appoint  the  Chairman  and  the     Deputy

Chairman from among the members of the Board.”.

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