By The Very Reverend Dr. Jeffrey Douglas Gibson, Acting President of Barbados


Acting President


WHEREAS by section 33 of the Constitution of Barbados it is provided that where the office of President is vacant or the President is incapable of performing the functions of President by reason of illness or absence from Barbados or is on vacation leave or for any other reason unable to perform the functions of the office, the Prime Minister shall, after consultation with the Leader of the

S.I. 2023 No. 49

Opposition, appoint a person who is qualified to be elected to the office of President to act during the vacancy or, as the case may be, during the absence of the President;

AND WHEREAS the President will be absent from her duties on the 20th day of July, 2023:

AND WHEREAS I, The Very Reverend Dr. Jeffrey Douglas Gibson, have been designated by the Acting Prime Minister to perform the functions of the office of President:

NOW THEREFORE I do hereby publish, proclaim and make known that I have taken the necessary oaths and have assumed the full burden of administering the Government of Barbados and of doing and executing all things that belong to the office of President thereof according to the tenor of the said Constitution

S.I. 2023 No. 49 3

of Barbados constituting the office of President and according to the laws for the time being in force within Barbados.

Given under my hand and the Public Seal of Barbados this 20th day of July, 2023.

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