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Resolution No. 9/2022: Proclamation to extend the Public
Health Emergency until 22nd September, 2022 …………………….2

April 22, 2022


Resolution No. 9/2022

Ref. No.: MP: 176/7/2AT2

                    HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY
WHEREAS by virtue of section 28A(1) of the Emergency Management Act, Cap. 160A it is provided that where the President is satisfied that an emergency has arisen as a result of a person or an animal having a communicable or a notifiable disease, the President may by Proclamation, on the advice of the Prime Minister after the Prime Minister has consulted, or has been advised by, the Chief Medical Officer, declare that a public health emergency exists;
AND WHEREAS by section 28A(2) of the said Act it is provided that a Proclamation  issued under section 28(1) shall, unless previously revoked, remain in force for one month or for such longer period, not exceeding 

6 months, as the House of Assembly may determine by a resolution supported by the votes of a majority of all the members of that House;
AND WHEREAS a Proclamation was issued on the 23rd day of
March, 2022 and is due to expire on the 22nd day of April, 2022;
AND WHEREAS the House of Assembly has by a vote of the majority of all the members thereof, determined by resolution to extend the said Proclamation;
BE IT RESOLVED that the Proclamation aforesaid is hereby extended until the 22nd day of September, 2022.
APPROVED by the House of Assembly this 19th day of April, Two thousand and twenty-two.

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